Welcome (back) to Maiven!

Welcome (back) to Maiven!

Hello! Kate here. Welcome to the re-launched Maiven Sailing! 

Let me share with you how we got here. A couple years ago, during that blurry time of covid (or after? who knows - it was a weird time), my friend and crew mate, Rachel, and I were sailing, sitting on the rail, and found in that moment we had something in common. We both knew that the bruises on our knees would have been prevented if we had just worn our kneepads, and yet we didn't. Why? No idea what the reason was that day, but it was likely forgetfulness or a comfort issue. As always.

This commonality, added to our shared boredom of our "real jobs" led us to brainstorm something new. Something that addressed our knee bruises, kept us warm, and fed our need for a professional shake-up. Many chaotic Google Docs later, we had a name and a product. [boring business stuff here] and Maiven Sailing was officially born and the real work began. 

Our signature product, The Race Leggings, were warm, comfortable, and had built in kneepads! We gained some momentum, some hype, had prototypes, and then life took over. "Real jobs" got in the way and funding went dry. Maiven was dissolved before it could take off; prototypes and samples were stuffed in the back of a closet.

Fast forward to Fall 2023. Rachel is killing it in her job and dreaming up her next venture (check out her record store, Musicology, in Edmonds, WA!). Me...divorce, put the house up for sale, moved into an apartment, and because that wasn't enough, lost my job. [enter relatively short-lived pathetic goblin mode] It didn't take long to realize how much I truly struggle with jobs that don't spark joy, passion, or creativity. I've had great jobs, but not a one was I actually passionate about. (Yo, managers, no one is passionate about Excel)

As of January 2024, Maiven Sailing is back in business with Kate at the helm! And today, The Race Leggings are back in prototyping for the women's fit (men's will be next in line), and there's a small collection of shirts, hoodies, hats and sun protection on the site, ready for you to check out!

Here's me - hi! 

Maiven is refining it's voice, testing things out and planning for the future. Stick with me, because Maiven isn't just work, it's a passion, and here to stay!

Thank you for the support, my friends. Wear your sunscreen and give the orcas plenty of space,


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